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Alternatives to Traditional Divorce

Facing the prospect of divorce or legal separation is often a confusing and emotional time in a person's life that is fraught with feelings of anger, fear, grief and disappointment.  The turmoil and emotional storm that are an inevitable part of the process can sometimes become a road block to understanding and navigating the legal landscape that surrounds the divorce or separation process.  

I often hear from clients that they were so overwhelmed by their emotions shortly after realizing a divorce or separation was inevitable that they felt comforted by the notion that their attorney would take care of everything and make sure they got what they deserved.  That is - until they heard the cost of the retainer they would be required to pay to get the process started.  For some, it's not until they start getting the bills that they realize that as bad as they felt about the divorce or separation, the process only seemed to be making it worse and they could be drained of the resources they needed to start over if they continued on the traditional path.  

Thankfully, there is more than one way to get a divorce or legal separation.  Today's couples are increasingly choosing options such as:

Divorce Mediation
Collaborative Divorce
Uncontested Divorce

The divorce or legal separation process does not have to make things worse. There are alternatives that have at their core the goal of minimizing the damage and cost of separating, and focusing on what is in everyone's best interest.  

I focus my efforts on helping couples and individuals facing a divorce to resolve their differences out of court through either Divorce Mediation or Collaborative Divorce.  While these options are not right for everyone, many couples find that when they are able to put aside their anger, fear and grief for their own best interest and the best interest of their family, they are able to complete the divorce or separation process without the need to go to court.         

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